your brother is the biggest gift your parents ever gave you

your brother is the biggest gift your parents ever gave you

Having a brother means allow anger, a fair share of sibling jealousy, complete confusion, and from time to time, disgust. You’ll also experience some other more endearing or just plain helpful things that come with life with a brother

1. You’ll learn about compromise

Having a brother in your life forces you to adjustment on everything. Whether you’re per-schoolers conferring over what toys to play with, teenagers trying to share a car, or thirty-somethings debating whether he really has to wear a tux for your wedding, compromise is a life skill those with brothers learn early.

2. And friendship

It may not seem like it when you’re little, but your brother often becomes your best friend and closest adviser over time. Sure, you’ve had your difference, but he’s someone who’s always been there for you.

3. patience

Brothers are irritating. You’ll get to practice patience every single day growing up beside him. And patience is a virtue, right?

4. You have a partner in crime

You’ve had friends to get you in and out of trouble, but your brother was your first partner in crime. You learned to cover for each other, watch each other’s backs, and share the blame when you inevitably got caught.

5. He’ll make you laugh

Sometimes on ambition, but often by accident. Brothers do the amusing things, and it’s your job to laugh at his jokes.

6. He’ll protect you

Brothers almost always have a careful side. You’re often happy he’s so protective … but not always.

7. Sometimes he’ll come to your rescue when you least expect it

Brothers are great at stepping in and helping out when you’re in an awkward position. Just when you admit to your parents that you messed up, he comes home to admit an even worse mistake – deflecting the attention delightful.

8. You’ll never be lonely

Long road trips, ill-planned family vacations, boring visits to relatives you have nothing in common with: these can be especially tedious for an only child. And while you and your brother may be singing together or arguing together, at least you have company when calling auntie and uncle.

9. When you ask for help, he has to give it to you

Friends can be busy when you need them to help you move or unclog your toilet, but your brother has a genetic duty to help out his siblings.

10. He’s honest

You can always count on your brother’s honest opinion. You have enough past that he can tell you exactly what he thinks about your new hair-cut, or your latest crush, when all your friends sugarcoat the truth and try not to hurt your feelings.

11. He’ll share your problems

We all have plenty of problems that are straight tied to our family backgrounds, our sibling or the way we grew up – you brother has the same ones. He can relate, and he’ll be there for you as you work through the unique challenges your childhood gave you both.

12. And your responsibilities

If you’re still young it may be hard to relate, but one day your parents will be retired and you’ll have to take care of them. Your brother can share the authority and the affection that go with that stage of life.