Yoga Asanas For Students That Will Help You Perform Well In Exams

This is a familiar refrain with every student! Turn to yoga, therefore, for help. Here are a few samples, which must be performed on an empty stomach.

Yoga asanas for students –

Bhramari Pranayama

1.It will calm and DE-stress your anxious mind, will increase concentration!

2. Sit down cross-legged on the floor mat, keeping neck and spine erect.
3. Place each index finger on the small cartilage that lies between your ear and cheek.
Inhale deeply.

4. As you exhale, press the cartilage in and out gently, making a high-pitched humming sound (like a bee) all the while.

5. Breathe in and remove your index fingers.


It is great for s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g the muscles of your lower limbs!
1.  Releases stress increases memory and concentration
2.  Kneel down the floor mat.
3. Bring the knees close together.
4. This will increase the width between your feet.
5.  Let your buttocks touch the mat.
6. Rest your palms on your knees.
7. Maintain the posture for up to five minutes.


The upper body stretches and releases stored tensions.

1. This increases blood flow to the brain and helps in concentration and relaxation.
2.  Lie down flat on your back.
3.  The feet are together and the hands are resting along the sides of your body.
4. Take your palms under your hips. They should be facing down.
5.  Keep the elbows close to one another.
6.  Inhale and raise your head and chest.
7. Exhale and lower the top of your head onto the floor.
8. Press elbows, thighs and legs to the floor, as you, breathe in and out.
9. Hold the posture for some time.
10.Return to the original position.

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