Why The Youth Should Be Excited In Politics

Most people, in today’s times, treat politics as a bad word. It is assumed that the ones, who are excited in getting into politics, want to get into it for the money and power involved in it.

Even if an young individual I interested in politics, he or she is dissuaded by their parents as they see it as a dirty and murky world not fitting for decent people.

1. Be the change

Be the change you wish to see in this world, said Mahatma Gandhi. Instead of grumbling about things that are wrong with your country, you must try to do something about it as an individual. The most effective way to do it is to get into politics as it will put you into a position of power and authority to do so.

2. Politics needs some freshness

Most of the politicians, especially the ones who are ruling the roost, are in the prime of their age. This is one of the reasons why a lot of policies complete by the politicians seem jaded or outdated. To bring in a wave of freshness and novelty in politics, it is imperative for young people, with fresh ideas, t get in vo7lcved in it.

3. Voicing the youth

If there are no young politicians in active politics, who will voice the concerns and issues of the youth? One needs people who are very much in touch with the youth of the country and strongly establish with their issues and problems. Being in power will give them a good chance to bring about a change in this direction.

4. There are some good examples

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who is known for his movie star good looks and charisma apart from being a leader that represents liberalism, started out very young in politics and today, he is the leader one of the most vibrant countries in the world. He has set a good example of how a young leader can turn things around for an entire generation.

5. Change in approach

If there is a delusion about politics being dirty and filled with criminal minded people, then that perception can be changed only when some young people take an initiative and perform in active politics. It is not possible for that perception if some young people keep shying away from getting into politics.

6. Youth needs to take charge

There are several countries where the majority of the population consists of the youth. In India, the world’s biggest country, more than sixty per cent of the people are under the age of thirty. When such large people of a country consists of young people, it is important for them to select classic who can bring their issues and problems to the fore.

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