Why Single Screen Theatres Are Better Than Multiplexes

Till fifteen or sixteen years back, multiplexes had not made their presence felt in the country and people use to frequent to single-screen theatres to watch films.
Soon, multiplexes started opening in big cities and now, they can be found in tier 2 and tier 3 cities as well.
While single screens can be still found in small towns and a few cities, most of them are finding it tough to compete with posh multiplexes which have become the preferred destination for the youth and the families.

Still, multiplexes cannot replicate the charm of single screen theatres.

1. Affordable refreshments

Premium multiplexes charge as much as 400 or even 500 bucks for a tub of popcorn and soft drinks. Inn single screens, you can a whole variety of snacks for a much lesser amount. You can have a packet of popcorn or chips and a can of soft drink for less than hundred bucks. The refreshments in multiplexes are quite priced and this is one of those things that irk an average observer.

2. Enthusiastic crowd

While multiplexes are mostly frequented by families and the urban youth, the mass population, which can afford tickets at a lower rate, visit single screens. If you are planning to watch a commercial potboiler starring a big star, watching the film in a single-screen theatres would be far more fun than in a multiplex as the crowd is far more warm and enthusiastic.

3. Cheaper tickets

The most obvious reasons for somebody preferring to watch a film in a single-screen theatre over a multiplex is the low ticket rates the former offers. The ticket rates in multiplexes fluctuate vastly depending upon the film or even the show timings. These fluctuations take place with single-screen theatre ticket rates but they are negligible in comparison.

4. Great atmosphere

Multiplexes might be more posh and elegant than single screen-screen theatres but the latter has certain warmth and the kind of atmosphere that the former would not provide you with. Yes, some of the single-screen theatres are in bad shape but there are several others like Regal Cinema in Colaba, Mumbai which have state-of-the-art building and facilities which modern multiplexes do not have.

5. Shorter intervals

Films playing in multiplexes have longer intervals as they need to make money out of the refreshments they provide. For that, the audience need a good amount of time to buy them before the film starts and during the interval. Snacks are give in single-screen theatres but it is not a major cause of income for them, so they tend to keep

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