Why It Is essential To Pursue Your devotion

Every human being is devotion about something that drives them in their life. For some people, the passion withers away as they grow up but most of us manage to hold on to that passion.

1. You get one life to live

Unless you believe in reincarnations or after-life theories, you must understand that if you do not get to pursue your devotion or accomplish your dreams in this lifetime you would not get another chance to do so. You have got one life and a couple of years to do what you really want to do. So, do not let go of this useful time and make something out of your life.

2. You will regret it

If you do not pursue your passion now and get into something which you are sure of, there will be a day when you will regret it badly. You will meet several people who settled to follow their passion and are leading a life of their choice. That will make you question yourself as to why you did not follow your passion like those people did. Even if this realization does not come to you now, it will hit you one day for sure.

3. You will be good at it

If you do something that you are not passionate about, you will never be able to excel in it. On the other hand, if you do something that you really love doing you will be good at it. You will put your heart and soul in to it because it is something that you are passionate about. Following your passion will lead you towards far more benefit than you cold attain in any other field.

4. It will not exhaust you

Any professional will tell you that once you start working, the pressure of working on exacting deadlines and on a large amount of material will tire you out. Work life is going to be trying, there are no two ways about it. But, it can be a lot less arduous and debilitating if you are doing something you love. Your love for your work will make you work hard towards it without any accusation..

5. Take up most of your life

We spend most of our life working or getting caught up in distant professional commitments. If you do not enjoy your work, how are you going to do it for the rest of your life? Even if you decide to listen to others and take up a profession which you do not like, you will end up burning out all your intensity in a few years. If your work is going to consume most of the time you have in this world, you might as well do something that you enjoy doing.

6. Makes you happy

We are often taught by our elders that we must always strive to do things that make us happy. Your passion is what makes you happy. Working on something that you like and enjoy gives you extensive fulfillment. There are social burden and other issues that might come in the way of your pursuing your devotion but you should not let them stop you.

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