What Your Lip Color Says About You

there is one part of the body on which many people don’t work. In fact, it will not be wrong to say that this part of the body grabs mind only when it gets broken. This is a sensuous part that enhanced overall look.

Yes, you calculate it right. We here are talking about the lips. Today, this article display what your lip color says about you. Therefore, go through the article and know yourself and other people in a better way.

1. Red Color

This color makes the people know that you are a bold person. Also, these people have the courage to stand against the odds and never shy away from speaking accuracy. You people love to collect affection and takes a great bliss to showcase your sensuous side. The people with red color lips are the most loving lovers and are always high on assurance.

2 – Subtle Red

These people take a little more time to open up with someone. In fact, you are a person at peace. As you think about doing good things but never speak them. Also, you have the aspect to steal the show. But you allow others to be the talk of the town by sitting next to them quietly. In short, you win people’s heart with humility and this is what people love about you.

3 – Baby Pink

This color is cute and you love to be a fairy tale princess of everyone in your life. The baby pink color portrays your soft side as you have the love for all including pets, animals and even the soft toys you received as a gift. Overall you are a fun loving person and enjoy living happily always. Another thing that makes your people different is the habit of letting go the rough phase. Not many people have this courage to forget about the bad times they have been through. But, people with baby pink lips seal their rough patch deep down their heart and get indulged in the life with positivity.

4 – Proper Pink

People with this color lips are enterprising and love to try new things in life. In fact, they have a habit of saying yes. These are the people who take on the life and experience the excitement of new journey, place, and food. The people having proper pink color lips have the daring to display their wild side to the world.

5 – Pale Lips

This is actually the diligent of lips. Usually, the people with low blood count have these types of lips. It means you need to eat right and have the need to increase iron, vitamin, and minerals in the body. These people are peace-loving but do face health issues regularly and this make them look dull and uninteresting. So, shift your focus towards eating and maintain a routine diet to stay healthy.

6 – Dark Red- Black Lips

You people need to take a break from junk and unhealthy food. As people having this color lips suffer from the suggestive system and fight to get their stomach clear. Another thing that you contest with is the weak immune system. So, add a lemon juice twist to your drinking water and drain all the arrangment from your body.

7 – Rosy Pink

You are joyful and the healthiest people on earth. These people believe to enjoy life and are actually fun loving. Also, you share great closeness and bond with the people who are the part of your life.

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