What Makes a Healthy Dinner for Children

Sometimes, to restore the appetite of our dear blond heads, we have to surprise them with recipes specially designed for children. Simple, inventive, and cheerful cuisine. Varied salad, gourmet burger, fruity dessert, chocolate snack, everything is good to delight them. With my easy food recipes, the plate will be emptied, I promise!

The day is drawing to a close and everyone has experienced a lot! What could be more comfortable than ending the day with dinner together?

The dinner is often the only meal they can spend together a day for families. One more reason to take your time and create a nice atmosphere in the evening together. Children learn to enjoy their food at an early age. And if frustration from school or an argument with friends has spoiled the mood, you can talk about it in the family room. 

After school, many children eat a warm lunch, which is why many families here stick to the traditional dinner. But that can also be spiced up as a healthy dinner: colorful salad plates, a frequently changing range of low-fat spreads and toppings or a fried egg ensure balance and variety. Here, too, the following applies: Trust your child to help organize dinner. Anyone who is allowed to cut vegetables (with a knife that is not too sharp!) Will taste much better afterward.

More healthy dinner ideas for children: rice pudding or semolina with fruit, vegetable soups or couscous and pasta salads. Children’s favorite dishes, such as B. Pizza or pasta casserole can be on the table for dinner. With lots of vegetables and not too much cheese, this is also a healthy dinner.

It is worth avoiding too much fat in the evening – that is, a lot of fatty sausage and cheese or fried foods – as they are difficult to find in the stomach and can disrupt restful sleep. A small candy for dessert is also allowed, but it shouldn’t be too much, as sugar has a hello-wake effect on many children and they are then likely to want to go to bed even less.

The leftover snacks from the day can also be served as dinner. Here at Why Not DIY, you can find inspiration for healthy snacks for children.

If there is something cold, you will also find ideas for dinner around breakfast.

Ideal dishes for dinner (any, not only for children) are considered to be cottage cheese and cottage cheese casseroles, omelets, baked vegetables or stews, salads, fruits (especially bananas and apples), and baked fruits, dairy products of all variants. Here at https://whynotdiy.me/ are some simple yet delicious and satisfying kids’ dinner options.

Dinner art

Dinner art works best when you do teamwork with your children. What are popular animals or motifs that can be recreated from bread, cheese, fruit, and vegetables? Get creative – and ask your children for advice, because they often have the best ideas.

Pirate ship: Brush an oval slice of bread and a slice of toast with a little butter and cover them with cheese or sausage. Place the bread slice in the middle of the plate so that the round part points towards the bottom of the plate. 

Pretzel sticks represent the mast and rudder of the ship. Cut the cheese or sausage toast in half at an angle and lay it as a sail on the pretzel sticks.

 You can create the water and the waves from half slices of cucumber and a few blueberries. Radish slices and cherry tomatoes are also great as a ship decoration.

Blossom: Cut circles out of two slices of toast. Brush both of them with cream cheese and sprinkle some cress on top. Lay both slices on top of each other and place them in the middle of the plate. You can easily cut out pretty petals from red and yellow bell peppers and arrange them around the toast circle with small romaine lettuce leaves. The bloom is ready!

Find all my easy food recipe ideas on the theme Children – dish. Who says Children – dish says flavors and gourmet pleasures. Easy recipes or chef-level, there will be something for everyone.

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It’s off again for a new school year! And with it, its share of organization of all kinds such as juggling the schedules of the whole family, managing the meals of the week, or even thinking about preparing the children’s healthy dinner. Find out the most delicious easy food recipes of mine that your children will love for sure. Whether your child is having their snack at school or at home, it is always healthier if they can eat homemade food. Pick the best recipe for your child at https://whynotdiy.me/. 

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