Top 5 Shows to Binge-Watch on Netflix

Black Mirror

Each and every episode in the series tells a unique story. You will witness some of the darkest and the unnerving dark tales in which the futuristic technology is getting seeped into the lives of the people and in some way or the other turning the lives of the people upside down. All the shows in every season you watch are not inter-related but still you will be intrigued to watch the next expecting the next one to be even better. All the episodes in the series are complicated and thought provoking. Every time you will complete one episode you will surely sit all blank staring at the screen and contemplating everything deeply. Are you ready to go through some sharp twist and turns? Put your seat belts and just get ready for the ride!

Chilling adventures of Sabrina

While watching this show every part of your body will get the Halloween chills! The entire series gives the fair share of chills to the viewers just like it promises in its title. The teenage witch in the series known as Sabrina keeps juggling in between the role of the witch who practices dark arts and an ordinary girl next door who goes to a regular school in the town of Greendale. Everything was going all good until Sabrina’s 16th birthday when she is offered an opportunity like any other witch to give away the mortal life to become a whole witch. Want to know what happens next? You will have to watch it to enjoy the spookiness!

Sex Education

Don’t go by the name, the series is nothing like the ordinary and this show will not deliver any typical chapters on sex. Sex education is the bawdy comedy in which the teenagers are grappling with their sexual life and sexuality. The story savagely revolves around a regular teenager and his no so ordinary mother as she is a sex therapist. The teenage son is proud about her mother’s profession as she always tries to talk her about sex and how discussing everything related to is completely normal. The show earned a lot of mileage because of the rib-tickling sex comedy. The one thing in the show that left a lasting impression on all its viewers was that this particular show, unlike any other, the story portrayed a very a clear picture about sex and that nothing about it is awkward. The show teaches how sex, sexual health and understanding one’s own sexuality can become one hell of a perilous journey which can affect people in ways unknown.

The End of the F***ing World

You are definitely going to fall in love with the heart-warming and quirky love story of the 2 teenagers. The two youngsters with their bruised childhood memories find it quiet weird to adjust with all things normal around them. The young girl in the series is a truculent and the other character is an awkwardly weird boy who is a budding psychopath, somehow end up getting together in the dark love series. The series is eminently bingeable and you are going to love the ambiguously retro vibe of the show. To all the young adults the show is going to remind about the early rebellious days of the teenage life when everything was just so confusing.

Stranger Things

This series is a stew made from the various influences from the 80’s. The series has captivated a generation of The Netflix lovers. Though by looking at the poster you will feel as if it is a series based on a bunch of school brats who only want to have some crazy fun but once take a deep dive into the show you will see how weirdly things unfold. Netflix series named stranger things is one show adorned by some of finest new actors in the industry. The sudden disappearance of a young kid, the crazy lot of scientists opening up a gate to the other dimension or something similar where all the notorious things exist and all such crazy little incidents will team up to create a hell of a binge-worthy series. This is one show that is going to give you the adrenaline rush that you need! The main character of the show eleven or Millie Bobby Brown in real life has bagged a great Hollywood movie ‘Godzilla’ after playing this role in stranger things. Millie Bobby Brown bagging the crucial role in Godzilla was one trending Hollywood Latest Movies Celebrity News in English for quite some time.

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