The China Watermelon Museum is the first specialized museum

The China Watermelon Museum is the first specialized museum

The China Watermelon Museum is the first specialized museum to focus on China’s ancient melon culture. Shaped like a huge watermelon set off by two large green leaves, the museum’s architecture is uniquely eye-catching.

Inside the museum vividly displays the history of watermelon cultivation, varieties of watermelon, and watermelon culture. The outdoor exhibition area of the museum has several dozen valuable watermelon varieties growing there.

The museum has received more than 300 pieces from over 20 provinces and cities. And the best 100 have been selected and put on display.

Visiting the museum in the summer, visitors not only are able to learn more about watermelon cultivation, but also to taste various types of watermelon from around the world.

Panggezhuang is right in the heart of Daxing District’s watermelon plantation, and has been hailed as China’s “hometown of watermelon.” However the fruit is said to have originated in Africa’s tropical deserts and were imported to ancient China through the silk road.

Founded in 2002,the China Watermelon Museum is 4,000 square meters of exhibits tracing the origins of the watermelon from its birthplace in southern Africa to its eventual ascent into, apparently, space. The futuristically modern museum is packed with wax watermelons, displaying the various varieties from around the world, surrounded by abundant neon lighting.

The displays cover just about every aspect of watermelons from their history, to growing methods, to China’s “watermelon culture.” There are ancient Chinese poems on display that make reference to melons, and all sorts of informational signs and plaques. Even the building itself is emblazoned with a giant impressionistic watermelon over the front doors

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