Sunset point is one of the most popular viewpoints in Mount Abu

Sunset point is one of the most popular viewpoints in Mount Abu

Sunset point is one of the most famous viewpoints in Mount Abu. This viewpoint gets loaded by tourists from all around at the time of sunset. Enjoy the site of orange-colored sun setting behind the Aravali Ranges. Serene neighboring and a pleasant climate make the experience even more unforgettable. Treat your eyes to the picturesque views of the surrounding area counting villages and green valleys while the sun is setting down. After enjoying a nice sunset view, you can shop for souvenirs from the shops near the point. Get your hands on trinkets, wooden toys, marble statues, sandalwood idols and other knick-knacks.

Sunset Point, a fascinate viewpoint near Nakki Lake in Mount Abu has all the enjoyment of the world packed and conveyed to your heart. The place offers miraculous views of the gorgeous hills, kissed with the radiating rays of the sun. The sunset point is a retreat for all nature lovers to bask in the dignity of the last rays of the sun. You will surely be in awe of the magic that unfolds, as the sun sets, coloring the sky in varied shades of red and orange, making the greens on the hills seem ever more exhilarating. Take in the lovely views of the hill station, at this scenic spot, coupled with the warm embrace of the sun.

Visitor Information

1. Famous for: Admiration of nature, Photography, Seeking Experience
2. Entrance Fee: No entry fee
3. Visiting Time: Sunrise to sunset
4. Visit Duration: Around 1 hour

Things to Do

1. You can reach the sunset point via a horse ride, appreciate the adventurous travel.
2. Capture breathtaking views of the sunset.
3. Sunset point is a celebrated picnic spot. You can come out here early, select the superb spot offering an undisturbed and clear view and lay out your blanket for the most charming picnic setting ever.
4. neighboring the sunset point are various shops and stalls selling souvenirs of importance to tourists. These include wonderfully carved wooden toys and idols.
5. You can trek to the Baylak’s Walk nearby, enjoying pony rides there.

Best Time to Visit

Mount Abu is a charming hill station, with deep valleys and towering, rugged volcano. It has a enjoyable climate throughout the year so you can gracefully visit it during any season. Monsoons are however perfect if you want to see the lush greenery come to life. During summers, you can feel the warm sunrays recede in the area as the chilly night sets in, at the beautiful Sunset Point.

How to Reach

You can reach Mount Abu by flight, train or even by car, as it is well linked to other major cities in Rajasthan. Reaching the Sunset Point would require you to undertake a one kilometer walk from the Town Centre Road. It is also situated in proximity to the Nakki Lake (about 3km) so you can reach the Sunset Point via car or a local taxi from the lake.

Nearby Attractions

1. Nakki Lake
2. Toad Rock
3. Raghunath Mandir
4. Doodh Baori
5. Lawrence Church