“Social Media” Became A Big sense In This People’s Death

Social media is a BIg part of our life. Some people out there cannot live a day after using media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many more. I mean, sincerely, there are people out there who cannot resist posting their pictures, liking, commenting, changing status…etc.

When social media and different people comes together; one is constrained to hit the ugly road. And that’s the reason, there’s a list of deaths caused by social media today. there are people who lives their LIFE without any social media drama.

1. MySpace Murder

Jealously is destructive. Various concept have derive with many focusing on various forms of jealousy or imaginary differences between male and female jealousy. Some differentiate between emotional jealousy which may involve a real or recognized rival for an emotional bond, and sexual jealousy which involves real or imagined hidden infidelity. Thus, a mild degree of realistic jealousy may serve to protect a relationship, but the other edge of the sword is that individuals consumed or haunted with jealousy may become harmful of themselves, the relationship, or their partner.

2. FB Status

Some people can’t take a “no” seriously. these social media deaths were reason by everything from communication status changes on Facebook to cat-fishing at its best/worst to real murderers who found victims online.

3. Facebook Fight

I’m sure you might’ve come across many girls or guys who FIGHT over a common person. n this case, there were two girls who used to fight for a boy on Facebook. It wasn’t just a FB thing.

4. No more addiction

It is not a private that people, nowadays, are absorbed to social media. Social Media “Addiction” has also ruined many relationships. Such was this case but ugly.

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