selfish Political Leaders Of The World

We have seen the best and we always hear of the best in leadership worldwide, but since no one makes an struggle to shine a light on the worst world leaders, the leaders below will make the list! They have been listed on the degrading character of their lack of decency, principles, values, respectability etc.

1. Jacob Zuma

Jacob is president of South Africa. The tune he dances around to is Umshini Wam. This music has created white Africans very depressed but he does not worry about how they feel and still dances to it. The tune fairly much implies that he should capture the “pink skins”. He motivates entity to do so and that is just how he plans to run his country. He is also notorious as a sex god. That they know of he has had six spouses. They know these six spouses names but not the others. He has been said to have raped a few and some names still have not come up.

2. Thabo Mbeki (Former President of South Africa)

The world has seen some famous presidents over time, and South Africa, has sadly taken the worst leap of this faith in their presidency selection skills, besides those rulers who probably manipulated the voting process in their favor against opposition parties.

4. Hugo Chavez

Another younger revolutionary, this time in South America, Chavez deserves a place on this list, mainly as an outcome of the state of their country within the past several years. Often thought of as a symbol of

revolutionaries and communism, Chavez, while perhaps a good innovative made for a bad recognized leader.

5. Kim Jung Un

The leader of North Korean. He made the others on this look like little children in training. The individuals here have to either go without food or be enslaved so they can even get by. They have certain ideologies it even more intense than it should be. He is known for the rapes that have happened, kidnapping of those who are innocent, murder and torturing peoples. He even watched a bomb release to who knows where and killing thousand during the launch.

6. Saddam Hussein

With the examining and start use of substance weaponry against local Kurds to the area, Hussein had been proven to not be opposed to killing his own people in the interest of ideological or ethnic purity. Overthrown due to the second Iraq-US War, He would be seen concealing in a hole before being arrested for criminal offenses against society within his own country as well as seeding ambiguity alongside with his Ba’athist celebration. He would consequently be implemented by hanging, an act which would see around the world.

7. Pol Pot

Pol Pot, created Saloth Sar, was a Cambodian leader who led the Khmer Rouge from 1963 until 1997. From 1963 to 1981, he served as the General Secretary of the Communist Party of Kampuchea.of the worst leaders of the world, entire globe, Pol Pot was a leader out of a dystopian headache. Pol Pot was the or orchestrate of and a huge supporter for the Cambodian Genocides. As bad as the other management were, you don’t think anyone would coordinate up to Pol Pot. Other dictators might be wicked, but Pol Pot was a fool who almost used Cambodia returning to the stone age.

8. Bashar Al-Asad- Bashar

He has the another name that begins with the other name for a ‘Donkey’ and without saying it, it should attack your thoughts already. Nobody would be on this record if they weren’t well known for their mis-leadership and for being ‘leaders’ who cause in a more tyrannical way rather than in the rightful cooperation of followers as well. Assad is the kind of man that would crush protesting efforts against his governmental endeavors rather than to accept it. This alone should tell you everything else about why he point of this list of the world’s worst leaders.

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