Samsung Galaxy Foldable Phone – Is it Really Worth the Money?

After a long wait and several years of delay, Samsung has finally pulled the trigger! Firstly, it was announced to launch the great folding phone on February 2019 and later on in April, but finally, Friday, 6 Sep – A launching ceremony of Samsung Galaxy Fold, has been scheduled in Korea at IFA Event.

This upcoming phone has to face tough competition from its competitors including Apple, Huawei, and other brands. But due to its folding feature, it will be the only one that can grasp the market.

Being the most expensive phone of its kind, the question about its reliability and durability clicks the users, whether the device could effectively satisfy their requirements or not. All-in-all the user is impatiently waiting to explore the latest specs and conveniently carry design.

Hence without further delay, let’s have a look at multiple outstanding specs of Samsung Galaxy Fold that makes it different and more desirable from the other smartphones. Here’s what we have gathered from various authentic sources.

Source: The image has been taken from Samsung Galaxy Foldable Official Website

Galaxy Fold Specifications

Samsung Galaxy Fold possesses the Infinity Display and Polished Mirror Casing. This phone is coming with triple cameras at its back as an apparent feature. In addition to this, Samsung has itself apply a lot of effort to shape this unique device faster with Qualcomm 855 Snapdragon Processor as compared to the previous phones. Big storage space of 12 GB Ram and 512 GB Internal Storage has also made this device more interesting.

Now you can also enjoy more productivity, utility and various types of apps and games at this new device. In addition to that, you can get instant access to your complete smartphone pictures from old Android and iOS device to a new phone by using content transfer app, that is seamlessly compatible with the latest Samsung Galaxy Foldable phones.

Our Verdict

Of course, Samsung is the one who has taken all the credit to launch the world’s first folding smartphone device. We all are excited to unveil this upcoming phone. Sure it is expensive but hope to get much more than our expectations and to get the complete pleasure of this phone.

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