Reasons We Can’t Differentiate Between Virat Kohli And A Film Star

The Kohli fever has gripped the entire nation, which has led to the Kohli chant everywhere. Each and every section of the media is busy discussing him and be it on the roads, inside the local trains or metros, in schools, colleges and offices, the aam janta can’t stop talking about him and showering heaps of praises.

Virat Kohli and a film star –

1) His smashing and killer looks

He’s hot and handsome straightaway. His facial features are just perfect and so is his muscularbody, thanks to his fitness freak nature. That oh-so-sexy smile, those large and expressive eyes say it all, and his rugged and unconventional looks drive us crazy. He’s good-looking and good-looking and good-looking for sure.

2) His sexy swag

He’s a style icon for the youth and his sense of fashion is simply impeccable. According to Ravi Modi, the owner of Manyavar of which Kohli is the Brand Ambassador, Virat is the best dressed celebrity among the youngsters. Really, he carries any and every outfit with ease. His swagger and oomph factor are just too much to handle. His tattoos of his sun sign Scorpio and the Samurai make him look even hotter.

3) Mr. Desirable

He has a huge fan following. Girls love him. He is touted as the bad boy of Cricket just like Salman Khan who is labelled as the bad boy of Bollywood; both have muscles and look sexier without a shirt. He’s loved and desired by most.

4) His attractive voice

Experts have said that advertisers want him due to his impressive and powerful vocals. His voice modulation and dialogue throwing during ads are amazing. His voice is clear and his accent, clean. Sounds good!

5) His strong screen presence

When 10 players are on the field along with him or even if any big star is present and sharing the TV screen with him during an ad, event or an interview, our eyes tend to be drawn towards him and only him, such is his charisma and strong screen presence.

6) When he blew that kiss

And uff! He made an endless number of girls jealous when he blew that kiss to Anushka Sharma after scoring yet another century, thus ensuring that people and the media know that they are very much together and the #Virushka fever is still soaring high, raising temperatures and turning the heat on. Once he winked after scoring a century and every girl’s heart went dhak-dhak. At that time, Miss Sharma was not there in his life. Recently, he and Anushka went on to shake a leg at Yuvraj Singh’s wedding; wealso got to know that these two may have plans to live in together in future. Sorry gals, we know that’s heartbreaking news.

7) A hero who writes his own script

He’s just like a superhero straight out of the movies. Is there anything in Cricket he can’t do? This swashbuckling batting superstar scores hundreds after hundreds by tackling bowlers with ease and breaks records after records. Former Indian Skipper, Sourav Ganguly went on to say, “If Virat Kohli plays for another 7-8 years, his records will be untouchable.” Centuries and Man of the Match awards seem to be his mistresses. Winning matches for India has become his habit, be it as a player or as a captain.He’s really an out-and-out hero whowrites his own script.

8) Anything but camera shy

He’s smart and shared an unbelievably palpable chemistry with both Genelia D’ Souza and of course, Anushka Sharma in two past advertisements of his, which shows that he’s free and easy, both with girls, and in front of the camera. He’s just natural and effortless.

9) Immensely Talented

We know that he’s a super-talented cricketer, but how many of you know that he’s also a great dancer and can sing quite a bit too?He’s an expert in the Gangnam Style, Bhangra and has also crooned for the Oscar winning A.R. Rahman composed Futsal Anthem. This immensely talented guy really knows how to enjoy himself.

10) A Virat Brand

He has endorsed prestigious brands like Cinthol, Vicks, The Flying Machine, Toyota, Adidas, Pepsi and Audito name a few. He has also entered the Rs 100-crore club. This popular poster boy of Cricket’s ‘Manyavar‘ posters are everywhere nowadays. His ‘Manyavar’ ad is also played in movie theatres. That’s Virat Kohli – The Brand for you!

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