reason why sugar is your biggest health enemy

New studies have shown that if you include sugar in your diet it tends to affect your body in several strange and weird ways. The side effects of sugar are so horrible that it has been responsible for 70 per cent of death around the world.

In case you aren’t aware of the side effects of sugar, check out weird and strangest things that happen to your body after consuming sugar.

It can lead to diabetes
There is no wonder that increased intake of sugar in the meal can certainly lead to diabetes in a person. You should control the intake of sugar in your drinks and meals and alter it with healthy options. Not only sugar, but you should avoid food that contains a high amount of sugar content in it. Stay away from food such as bread, pasta, rice etc.

It increases the risk of all type of diseases
Sugar has a potential to wreck your liver and also the other organs of the body. When too much amount of sugar is consumed it can lead to the same condition which you notice after drinking too much of alcohol. This condition is known as a non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD).

It destroys your heart
You might be enjoying eating desserts and sugar coated dishes, but the fact is too much sugar in the body can destroy your heart. And the reality is heart problems certainly, increases the chance of heart attack in a person. One of the major cause of death among people is type 2 diabetes.

It accelerates aging of skin
Every one of us struggles to keep our skin young and glowing every time but consuming sugar can secretly destroy your skin. People who gorge more on artificial sweeteners or sugar drinks experience more of sagged and dull skin than those who don’t. Sugar can contribute to the loss of elasticity found in aging body tissues thus damaging your skin completely.

It makes your organs fat
Due to a large amount of fructose found in sugar, it triggers your liver to store more fat than usual. Consuming more fats increases the ability of the human body to store more in unusual places like thighs and buttocks.

Your teeth’s are destroyed
High dosage of sugar in the body can decay your teeth rapidly. Losing your teeth can be termed as a lifetime threatening dream for a person. You should avoid taking sugars as much as possible and try to beat your craving for food with sugar.

It links with depression
We all have been consuming sugar for the fact that it helps to boost mood. However, the effect of the sugar on the human body is quite negative. It is said that consuming sugar can depress a person and also lead to behavioral changes. In people with insulin resistance, it appears the brain releases lower levels of feel-good dopamine.

These are the side effects of sugar. These are the ways sugar can harm each and every part of your body and hence we strongly recommend you to limit the use of sugar.

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