Parshuram Kund is a sacred place in Arunachal Pradesh

Parshuram Kund is a Hindu pilgrimage centre situated on the Brahmaputra plateau in the lower reaches of the Lohit River and 21 km north of Tezu in Lohit district of Arunachal Pradesh. Dedicated to sage Parshuram, the popular site attracts pilgrims from Nepal, from across India, and from nearby states of Manipur and Assam. Over 70,000 devotees and sadhus take a holy dip in its water each year on the occasion of Makar Sankranti, in the month of January

Nestled in the lower reaches of the Lohit River, Parshuram Kund is a sacred place in Arunachal Pradesh. Situated 13 miles to the north-east of Tezu, the Kund has been recognized as a pilgrim spot, visited by a large number of devotees. On every Makar Sankranti (Indian Harvest Festival), devotees from different parts of the world visit this place. This sacred place leaves an indelible impression on the mind of the visitors as well as pilgrims.

The Legend

Legend say that Parshuram killed his mother Renuka with an axe at the behest of his father Saint Jamadagni. During this, the axe got stuck to his hands and he wandered all acorss India, visiting sacred places for atonement. But all was in vain. Then he came all the way to the Kund where he took a dip and the axe came free and fell down. The spot where it fell, became the source of Lohit River. Since then, the Kund has been known as the Parshuram Kund.


An annual event of the temple is known as Parshuram Mela. Held in January every year, the Mela or fair draws devotees from various corners of the country/aboard to take a holy dip in the river.

The local administration initiates all types of arrangements (shelters, ration shops, medical aid, drinking water, toilets etc.) for the crowd of devotees who visit the mela.

Colorful kiosks around the Mela make the atmosphere more delightful. One can see a large variety of articles in these shops.

Nature’s Wonders

Even the calm natural beauty of this place attracts the casual tourists. There are some other beautiful places visited by many tourists. Tezu City and Glow Lake add natural delight to the place.

How to Reach Parshuram Kund

By Air: Nearest airport is located at Mohanbari (Dibrugarh).
By Rail: Tinusukia is the nearest railway station.
By Road: Parshuram Kund can be reached by road via Teju as well as via Wakro.

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