Most Terrible Female Criminals in The World

Robbers, murderers, serial killers, and drug lords, every other day we find someone new entering the crime world. Whether it’s about bombing a marketplace or killing children for ransom money, it looks like there’s no shortage of beings ready to go to an extreme level when it comes to satisfying their needs or just to keep the business going. Think of harsh killing and other offence, men land up into the fancy doing all such actions. But do you know that women also have their share in committing crimes too. You gotta believe me buddies.

1. Sandra Ávila Beltrán

Sandra Ávila Beltrán, born 11 October 1960, gained herself the nickname “The Queen of the Pacific” when she became the leader of a Mexican drug cartel. She was married twice, both her husbands were ex-police turned drug traffickers and were eventually killed by hired hitmen. she was charged with organized crime and drug trafficking offences. Although some of the charges were dropped throughout the trial, she was still charged with possession of illegal weapons and money laundering. During interrogation she described herself as a housewife who makes her money by selling clothes on the side but her story was not bought by officials. She remains behind bars today.

2. Griselda Blanco

Griselda Blanco was an infamous Colombian drug lord who used to monitor the Medellín Cartel, the Miami-based cocaine drug trade and underworld during the 1970s and early 1980s. According to reports, she gave orders for more than 200 murders while carrying on her drug business. Years later, after she had reportedly retired from the trade, she was shot twice in a motorbike drive-by shooting in Medellín, Colombia.

3. Diane Downs

This lady is regarded to be the worst mother ever. This terrible woman tried killing all her three children. In an attempt she succeeded in killing one child and permanently hurting the rest two. And guess what this lady narrated the whole story in favour, saying it to be ‘carjacking.’ She continued playing safe by hurting herself and drove her children to a nearby hospital. The truth couldn’t be concealed for long, when the eye witnesses narrated the entire happening. She was put behind the bars for life sentence.

4. Claudia Ochoa Felix

Claudia Ochoa Felix is known as the “Mexican Kim Kardashian” because of not only her appearance, but her social media presence. She’s denied the allegations on Twitter and the Mexican authorities haven’t launched an investigation against her yet, but it could only be a matter of time.

5. Judy Moran

udy Moran, who was born 18 December 1944, is known as the matriarch of the Moran family – a group of infamous criminals based in Melbourne, Australia. The Moran family were drug traffickers whose name became feared both publicly and amongst the criminal underworld.

6. Johanna Altvater

This lady targeted the Jewish children. Little children trusted her soon as she offered them sweet candies. Just then she shot them. In another incident, Altvater had been to a hospital that was filled with Jewish children. She threw one of them from the top on to the cement floor below.

7. Rosetta Cutolo

Rosetta Cutolo, born in 1937, is known as the sister of notorious criminal and crime boss Raffaele Cutolo, former head of the Nuova Camorra Organizzata (NCO). As her brother spent the majority of his life behind bars and she was the only person he could trust with instructions for the business, she was promoted to the new boss. She wasn’t very fond of her brother as she believed he spoke to the press too much, often giving interviews from his own cell.

8. Thelma Wright

Thelma Wright’s husband, Jackie Wright, was one of the biggest names in the Philadelphia drug game. He was murdered in 1986, his body found rolled up in a rug with a gunshot wound to the head. After the murder, Thelma took over the family business and became the new boss transporting Class A drugs between Los Angeles and Philadelphia.

9. Jemeker Thompson

Jemeker “Queen Pin” Thompson came from a very impoverished background which encouraged her to turn crime into big finances so she could live without fear of constant eviction. She met her husband Anthony Mosley, and together they had a son. The couple became an unstoppable team and began selling huge amounts of crack cocaine. They became the biggest drug traffickers in Los Angeles throughout the 1980s.

10. Anna Chapman

Anna Chapman was arrested in 2010 as one of ten Russian sleeper agents who had been sent to the U.S to gain access to national intelligence. Chapman was skilled at using her looks and her sexuality to influence people and get information, and after she was sent back to Russia is a prisoner swap deal with the U.S, she became known as a “femme fatale” and even appeared on the cover of the Russian edition of Maxim magazine.

11. Bonnie Parker

Bonnie was the accomplice and lover of Clyde Barrow, who together went on a crime spree during the Great Depression. They with their Barrow gang conducted a series of robberies, kidnappings and murders, evading the police on every occasion. They continued their rampage for four years, till they were caught in a planned ambush in 1934. Bonnie and Clyde were shot and killed in the attack, but their legend, notorious as it is, stayed in the popular culture.

12. Mary Ann Cotton

Mary Ann Cotton was one of the cruelest female characters in history. She married four times, and all of her husbands and their children died of same type of stomach fever. She inherited large sum of insurance amounts each time, which was bound to arouse suspicions at one point. Eventually the media caught up with her modus operandi, and she was proven to have poisoned her husbands, friends and even her mother and children with arsenic. She was arrested and hanged.

13. Lizzie Borden

The prime suspect of the sensational Fall River murders of 1892, Lizzie Borden was figured in one of the gruesome episodes of American history. According to her story, she found her father dead on his couch, covered in blood and his left eyeball split in half. Her stepmother was discovered in same fashion in a bedroom. Lizzie’s testimony was inconsistent and there was an overwhelming amount of evidence against her, including the maid’s testimony. Despite this, she was acquitted and the mystery remained unsolved.

14. Karla Homolka

Karla Homolka was an active participant in several rapes and murders with her husband Paul Bernardo. They murdered a couple of teenage girls and even Karla’s younger sister. They even recorded some of their heinous acts. The police eventually caught them, but Karla managed to get a lighter sentence claiming that she was forced by Bernardo to participate in the crimes.

15. Patty Hearst

The story of Patty Hearst is a fascinating one. She was the heiress of media baron William Randolph Hearst and was kidnapped by guerrilla gang Symbioses Liberation Army when she was a college student. Later she appeared in a video declaring she had joined SLA. She was also caught in surveillance cameras conducting a bank robbery and wielding a gun. The police caught her within a year and she was sentenced in prison for seven years. She was later pardoned.

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