Most mysterious Science Facts That Are Hard To Digest

Science is always super cool. But do you know that there many interesting things that happen on the earth and even after death of a human being. Yes, there are many interesting scientific facts which are hard to digest, but all of them are facts.

mysterious Science Facts-

1 – Animals raining from the sky:
Yes, this is mysterious, but a fact and is also a very common climatic phenomenon. In the past, it was seen in many community, that fishes and frogs rain from the sky. The next place goes for birds. Fishes in some cases suffer this fall from the sky as well.

2 – Moon and earth are parting away from each other: The orbit of the moon over the earth is getting bigger every year. It is about 3.8 centimeters that are expanding and the reason behind it is the part close to the moon is getting closer and as a observation of it, the other side is moving away.

3 – Animals detonate naturally: It was witnessed in 2004, in Taiwan when a whale detonate due to build up of too much of the gas inside it. People and shop around were shower with blood of the whale.

4 – Erection even after death: Commonly called as the post mortem collection, erection can be seen even after a man dies. This commonly happens when a man dies vertically or facing downwards. The blood usually complete in the lower part of the body and due too much of blood acquire near the construction tissues of the penile area, erection can be seen even after death.

5 – Male seahorses that give birth: fully disparate from nature, it is the male that gets pregnant and gives birth in seahorses. This is the only animal where the male gets pregnant.

6 – Fetus inside fetu: This can be a rare position but this is achievable. A fetus can get captured in the other baby like a twin. It cannot be found at the initial stage until it grows big enough to hurt the parent fetus. This fetus which gets trapped cannot survive as it is not perfectly grown up.

7 – Oceans gives you half the oxygen on earth: Phytoplankton is a very tiny plant that is found on the outward of the ocean water. They take in carbon dioxide and sunlight and discharge oxygen.

8 – When you die, you will fart: Yes, any excess gases that are left out in side the human body before death will be discharge out even after death.

9 – Sealed honey remains fresh for a very long time: If honey is well sealed and is not opened for a long time, it is not going to smell bad or spoil. It is always good to eat.

10 – 20 sense organs: All we know is just five sense organs in the school, but when you start growing, a human body will be able to sense more than 20 sense organs.

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