How To Look Amazing In Photographs

In this world of social media freaks, we all love to get clicked a perfect click and upload them for likes, comments and views ;).

Sometimes fail to get clicked to perfection, and end up feeling bad for not getting clicked at least one perfect picture. Often we complain about the pictures for bad lighting, for looking fat, for looking dark and many many more….

Sunset Pictures:

Sunset is the best time for clicking on best pictures. The sun rays or the light being subtle gives a perfect light for the photograph. Making, it a lovable picture.

Spot A Pattern:

Look at all your old pics, spot poses that went well for you..! Select in the right pose and try practicing it infront of a mirror.

Put Money Where Your Mouth Is:

Say money before you are clicked as the pronunciation of that word moves the lips getting a genuine smile on to the face. The e sound in the word money gives a curvy look for the ends of the lips.

Faker A Tummy Tuck:

Worried about the extra pounds around the tummy, well here is a trick. Twist your body away from the camera and the other part towards the camera. This hides the belly fat from being shown in the picture.

Take Multiple Shots:

Take as many as picture for one pose or a scene, as you many like some out of them. And then keep those few.

 The Blinking Trick:

We all tend to close our eyes just when the picture is being clicked. For all those like       that, here is a trick. Close your eyes for seconds before the picture gets clicked this wont let you eyes closed.

Make – up On A point:

We all think make up does all the miracles for a perfect picture. But really not, Make up when put up in excess does not give you a beautiful, but kills in your natural charm in the picture. Avoid those extra shimmer that are always bad for photographs.

Dark lipsticks:

Stop using those nude lippies make you look so bad instead try bright colour like dark red, dark pink, orange, peach etc so that your face looks fresh and pictures turn out glamorous just like a Diva

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