Glow Lake of Wakro is a beautiful natural lake

Glow Lake of Wakro is a beautiful natural lake

low lake located in dense and deep Himalayas in Arunachal Pradesh near Kamlang wildlife area. The area is completely untouched by humans due to it’s location and it takes two days to reach the lake which is set in a small valley. I had to criss cross an entire forest, rivers, broken bridges, and navigate through bamboo forest in harsh winter on new years. Lack of any sort of facility meant that I had to carry my own provisions, temta and hunting gear to prevent self from wild animals. The trek is approximately 7kms one way and with no laid down trail it makes more of an real adventure.

Glow Lake can be accessed from Wakro, a reclusive town of Lohit district near famous pilgrimage site Parshuram Kund. From Wakro one can drive up to Sinai river, last motorable point. Then trek up north along west bank of Kamlang river for 4 km to reach Champa bridge, a hanging bridge over Kamlang river. It is the only means to cross the Kamlang river on to the trek that go to Glow Lake. Then trek along east bank of Kamlang for about 3 km through thick pristine tropical forest, then climbing start. The trek spirals up and down over the hill slope, many times till it reaches an altitude of 1380 m, the highest height along the way, and then descend down for 3 km to arrive at mighty Glow Lake which located at altitude of 1170 m above sea level.

Glow Lake enchanting beauty always mesmerizes the visitor at first sight, which has miraculous soothing effect on visitors’ weary and pain due to whole day trekking. Wavy crystal clear azure water only opaque by fish, floating water bird and colourful birds flying around as lake is the only huge open of the dense tropical forest, surrounded by lofty mountain covers by lush green forest from where howling of Hoolock gibbon, barking of deer, various sound of birds etc coming to make the ambience a paradise like. Interestingly, the lake is sustained by numerous perennial foamy streams gushing out of foothill that trotted down into the lake.

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