feelings every bahubali lover must be going through

Bahubali created a lot of buzz in 2015; and rightly so! The movie was grander because of its end and the most common question we all had racing in our minds after watching the movie was why Kattapa killed Bahubali? Well, that’s probably the main reason why we will make our way to the theatre for the sequel, Bahubali 2. We’re sure of that all the die-hard fans must be going through these questions till the release date.

1. Why did Bahubali’s brother captivate Bahubali’s wife, Maharani Devasena? Why she was not killed? Is it because he had feelings for her?
May sound a bit out of context, but in Bahubali, we saw his elder brother captivate his wife, Devasena but didn’t kill her. Does this mean he had any kind of feelings for her?

2. Will the Persian trader make a comeback and help Kadapa?
This might be a tiny detail to worry about but the answer can have a major impact on the story. In the movie the Persian trader named Aslam Khan was impressed by Kattappa and wanted to help him, so it will be interesting to see whether he will come back in the sequel or not.

3. Did Bahubali, who surrendered because of the safety of the kingdom, ask Kattappa to kill him?
Even though there have been a lot of memes on the internet trolling why “Kattapa ne bahubali ko kyu mara?” we still think that maybe Bahubali has surrendered himself because of his kingdom’s sake and asked Kattapa to kill him.

4. Are Avantika and Anushka interlinked?
Avantika is a warrior, but there is a wavering thought that makes us wonder if there is anything else. Is she related to Anushka? If there is a connection between the two, we hope to see it in the much awaited Bahubali 2.

5. How this movie will end?
We have all thought of this one! One of the major questions is whether this movie will end on a positive note or on a negative note. We all are eagerly waiting for this answer. The sequel is called, Baahubali 2- The Conclusion, will it really be a conclusion? We really hope so!


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