Do you know Bill Gates Does Not have An iPhone ?

Bill Gates for being the well-healthy man in the world, Bill Gates holds the second post in the list.

Windows phone has almost been dead for a while now and hence Microsoft creater, tech giant Bill Gates have decided to move on! Generally owning an iPhone is quite famous in recent days which speaks the standard and status of the person in a society. With iPhone X recently begun in the market, iPhone has recently establish a lot of buzz for being one among the most costly mobiles in the market.

newly tech giant Bill Gates admit that he does not use an I phone rather he chooses Android over a apple product.

Although tech giant Bill Gates has switched to using an android phone, we are negligent of the mobile phone model which he is using right now. The billionaire is still not excited in iPhone and has banned all the apple products at his home. Not only Bill Gates but he does not allow his kids to use iPhone or iPod at home. Later, Bill also acknowledge Steve Jobs for being a genius and taking iPhone to an exceptional level.

Furthermore, Gate also mentioned that he commonly uses Microsoft software on the android phone. His likes includes Skype, teams, Microsoft word and outlook mail app which works instantly and smoothly on an android phone.

If you’re a hardcore tech person you would surely be convinced that Android phones are much better than operating an iPhone. Its much improved to browse and download things on an android play store than using an apple play store.

During a recent interview, Gates acknowledge Apple and also said that he is quite happy for Steve to see Apple doing really good in the market. This time he also declared that his kids and his family members never appeal any Apple products from his not because they hate it but because they love their windows phone and window’s PC much.

Here is what Bill Gates said in an interview with Fox “It’s great that Apple is continuing to good work . I happen to use all Windows-based PCs. The phone that I have recently, I actually did switch to an Android phone with lot of Microsoft software, but the clash in software and IT space that Steve Jobs help foster, is phenomenal and Microsoft is a big part of that.”

Although he did not admit the android phone he is using but the word “lot of Microsoft software” gives us a hint that the tech giant Bill Gates is using Galaxy S8+ or Samsung.

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