Differences Between Mr Right and Mr Perfect

A lot of women seem to confuse Mr Right with Mr Perfect. There is stark difference between the two and you must have the vision to see the thin line that separates the two.

1. Who is more important?

People who strive for perfection spend a lot of time with themselves. They work on grooming themselves and want to be at their best at every occasion. While this is not a bad thing at all, as a result of giving extra attention to themselves,they will not be able to give any priority to you. Mr Right is the one who will keep your happiness above his. You will be his topmost priority and he can make any amount of sacrifices for you.

2. Let you have the last word

Somebody who thinks of himself as perfect will always believe in himself and think he should make the final call on everything. He might listen to what you have to say on a particular thing but will go by his instincts and will not let anybody change his mind. Mr Right, on the other hand, will be receptive to your advice and will consider it seriously and will allow the scope for a healthy discussion.

3. Choosing between heart and mind

While Mr Perfect will always think and analyse carefully before arriving at any decision, Mr Right will go by what his heart says. Letting go of logic and reasoning would not be wise but it is important to listen to your heart and consider other people’s emotions and feelings as well. Mr Perfect will strictly adhere to the logic offered by his mind but Mr Right will strike a good balance between heart and mind.

4. Your heart will show the way

You might have a certain image of the perfect man. When you find such a man, you might get attracted to him and would like to get closer to him. If you peep deep into your heart, you realise that is not what your heart wants. Your heart will start beating faster when you come across Mr Right and not Mr Perfect.

5. Willingness to change

Let us assume Mr Perfect is perfect in every way a human being can possibly be but what if you wish to change a few things about him? Will he be willing to change himself according to your wishes? No, but Mr Right will be. When you love somebody you learn to make little sacrifices for them and change a few things about you for the better.

6. Beauty lies in imperfection

Have you ever imagined howlife would have been if there was no imperfection in it? The little sorrows, the patches and imperfections make life what it is. If life was absolutely perfect, it would have been deathly boring. A sense of perfection might seem appealing at first but soon, it loses its sheen and the little imperfections lend colour and vibrancy to life.

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