Cricketers Who Look No Less Than Models

there are many cricketers who looks like a model. The world may know cricketers as players, however, if you go ahead, they have another side also and for every woman out there, that side is called being good looking and hot.

Regardless of whether a young woman knows something about cricket or not, she will know who looks hot or not. What’s more, that is the motivation behind the increasing women fan following towards cricket throughout the years.

Virat Kohli
The heart-throb of the nation, Virat Kohli is amongst the hottest men in the world right now. Be it his dashing cheek bones or his aggressive attitude, everything about him is so hot to the women.

Kevin Pietersen
The England cricketer was once the hottest man in cricket and even after he has retired, his fan following hasn’t decreased to a bit.

Alastair Cook
With that cute smile on the face, Alastair Cook has a body of a beast. His pictures and his looks are so hot that any modeling agency would sign him right away for life.

Andrew Flintoff
Andrew Flintoff is hot and no one in this world can deny the fact. There’s something so magical about his looks, that girls keep falling down.

Michael Clarke
Though Michael Clarke now has a wife, he was once the most eligible and hottest bachelor in cricket. It might not be visible usually, but once he takes off that shirt, one could see it clearly.

AB De Villiers
Who in this world doesn’t love AB De Villiers? Be it his game or his looks, everything is extremely perfect about him.

Steve Smith
Steve Smith looks like some member of a teenage band and the charm on his face say just that every time he is seen. OH GOD, he really is hot!

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