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This New Technology Allows The Blind To ‘Watch’ TV

Scientists have developed a new, ground-breaking software that allows deaf and blind people to enjoy television content in real time without any intermediaries. The software, Pervasive Sub, compiles all the subtitles of television channels and sends them to a central server which forwards them to smartphones or tablets. They are sent to the Braille line […]

china made hi-tech drones seized in bengaluru

Ten drones that can fly at 6,000 metres with a half-kg payload and are equipped with an advanced satellite navigation system were seized from a passenger at Kempegowda International Airport, Bengaluru, last week. Experts warn that the high-end DJI Phantom-4 PRO drones can pose a serious security threat, and authorities have commenced a probe into […]

ransomware attacks in India attempted over 48000 times

A cyber security firm today said it has detected over 48,000 ransomware attack attempts in the country, with West Bengal witnessing the most incidents. Quick Heal Technologies has “detected over 48,000 MS-17- 010 Shadow Broker exploit hits responsible for WannaCry ransomware outbreak in India”, it said in a statement. “Our observation is that the attack […]

Facebook पर प्राइवेसी की सुरक्षा के लिए इन बातों को साझा करने से बचें

आज के दौर में सोशल साइट्स हमारी जि़ंदगी से खासतौर पर जुड़ गई है इसके बिना तो हमारी लाइफ अधूरी सी है यहां हम अपने खूबसूरत और जरूरी पलों को दोस्त और परिवारों के साथ साझा करते हैं. लेकिन इन सोशल साइट्स में भी सबसे अहम रोल निभा रहा है फेसबुक. यहां हम अपने अहम […]

jio 4g launch phone for just 1500 to be launched

Mukesh Ambani-led Reliance Jio has been making the headlines since the last six months for causing disruption in the telecom market by providing highly-affordable 4G tariff plans. The company even entered the smartphone market by taking the wraps off Android-enabled smartphones such as LYF. It appears like Reliance Jio is all prepared to continue its […]

AMD uses new 360-degree capture camera to develop

AMD has showcased new technology that aims to bring 360 degree video and VR to the masses. The new technology is initially being used to develop and promote the upcoming movie, Baahubali: The Conclusion. To create such experiences, AMD built a new camera called the ‘bb360cc’ that cost Rs. 10 crore and was developed over […]

you can now listen to music by putting your sunglasses on

Many people listen to music every day. It is a drug which keeps many of us alive or keeps us going. Music can make you happy when you’re sad and can make you feel relieved when you are stressed. It inspires you just when you feel low. Features:- The company named Zungle helps you to […]

this guy made an iphone 6s right from scratch

When Scotty Allen decided he wanted an iPhone 6s, he didn’t want to pick one at the Apple store. Allen’s been living in Shenzhen, China, for over a year now; and while there’s an Apple store there, Allen wanted to explore the markets of Huaqiangbei, where cell-phone parts are sold the same way you might […]
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