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Most hurt-breaking Good-byes in life

Among the count of odd affections, sadness and unreturned love has been killing people from ages and there is a annoying tumult in our heart when we bid farewell to someone who we really held dear and prepared our future with. The most heartbreaking good-byes are, however the ones that is strange. Not always we […]

Interesting Facts About Dreams

Dreams have incredible network with truth. We see the same things we have been raking over all day in our dreams. Our subconscious is a storehouse of everything about your life’s previous experiences, beliefs, memories and skills which weaves our dreams. With the growth of science, dreams are now painstakingly explained and a great deal […]

amusing example About Indian Sister

A sister is your great adviser and worst enemy rolled into one. People who have siblings will understand what developing up together means. Whenever you introspect about your childhood, a stream of recollection spring in your mind about how you battle and passed the blame on each other to escape mom’s chiding. Time flies but […]

Most fightful kinds Of Bosses That Are Sucking Employee’s Blood

The secret of self improvement and profitability of the company largely depends on the god boss. Right from the first day of interview to joining the organization, we all may have several dreams associated with the company. 1. 24*7 working bosses: – As you step out of the office you get prompt of mail or […]

Some basic Lines Every Indian Mom Uses

Moms are always ready to make their kids a improved person, no matter how old we are. But sometimes, their love and gratify become too much for us. 1. No, you cannot” Mom, I will be going to a friend’s place for a overnight, will it be ok? No, you cannot. Ugggh annoying! 2. Go, […]

How to control your anger in hindi

वर्तमान समय में Corporate Culture के बढने से लोगो के उपर Work Load बढ़ा है और इसकी वजह से उन्हें Relax होने का थोडा भी समय नही मिलता |वे अपने Office का काम घर पर भी किया करते है | इससे जहा एक ओर उनकी जिन्दगी का Balance बिगड़ता है वही दुसरी ओर क्रोध और […]

Your Sitting environment Spells Lots About Your identity

The way you sit send a lot about your identity and moods. Your sitting environment reverse your wishes and your instincts which are in Sub-conscience; these get admit with body moves you make UN-consciously. Professionals who study sitting environment and body language have come up with new revelations on sitting environment. 1. People should find […]

Your Ice-Cream Has Something To tell About You

What you’re going to learn is exactly not a joke. Many of you would take it silly, if someone tells you that your popular ice-cream flavor depicts about your nature. Your choices speak for you, what kind of people you are, everything. Vanilla Ice – Cream So you go for the Vanilla? Don’t worry you’re […]
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