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9th Class Engineer Special

ये बात है 9th क्लास की बोले तो हमारे 9th क्लास की और बात यह ह की 9th में हमने विज्ञान की कॉपी नहीं बनायी थी पूरा दिन तो खेल कूद में ही निकला जाता और उपर से न्य न्य स्कूल था 8th पास करके दुसरे गाँव जाते थे पड...
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Important things every school should be taught their students

Many times, I felt it could be more helpful if the schools and colleges teach things that are out of the regular curriculum. Yes, that would be of great help to the students that face the world later on. With the changing technology and changes in the generation, a need for other things like the money management, work-personal life balance, time management etc have been felt. 1. Love Your Students Once they feel the love, they are more likely to work hard for you and for themselves.For ...
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Why The Youth Should Be Excited In Politics

Most people, in today’s times, treat politics as a bad word. It is assumed that the ones, who are excited in getting into politics, want to get into it for the money and power involved in it. Even if an young individual I interested in politics, he or she is dissuaded by their parents as they see it as a dirty and murky world not fitting for decent people. 1. Be the change Be the change you wish to see in this world, said Mahatma Gandhi. Instead of grumbling about things that are wron...
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Differences Between Mr Right and Mr Perfect

A lot of women seem to confuse Mr Right with Mr Perfect. There is stark difference between the two and you must have the vision to see the thin line that separates the two. 1. Who is more important? People who strive for perfection spend a lot of time with themselves. They work on grooming themselves and want to be at their best at every occasion. While this is not a bad thing at all, as a result of giving extra attention to themselves,they will not be able to give any priority to you. Mr...
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Many Things We Should Do in Every Sundays

When you think about your perfect Sunday, it could involve sleeping in, going out for brunch, and then binge watching Netflix. Unfortunately, most manager can't enjoy that luxury. Either we're tied down to a completing a deadline or we simply just can't sit there and not be useful. The thing is, you do need to enjoy some time away from the business. 1. Spend some time alone While you should definitely spend some quality time with friends and family, you also need to have some time to yours...
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Some promises which make your love stronger on promise day

Promise day is one of the most special days of the Valentine week. This day, not only brings in a chance to make your loved one feel special, but also gives you the opportunity to show them how much you care for their well-being. So this Promise Day, make these 5 health promises to your partner and ensure a healthy and happy life together. 1. when you will need me, I will be there to help you under any situation, I promise, I will never leave you and you will never ever feel alone. 2. I...
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The Most Worst Failed Brands of India

When a company becomes larger, it grows the persistence to take risks. One can disable millions of dollars into the market research and ad campaigns which leads to enormous gain but these are also formulaic of miserable failures. Companies, in pursuit to respond a competitor’s successful idea, end up taking wrong decisions and such mishaps happen. In this bargain, they not only lose the consumer’s attention, the company’s good will also goes for a toss. 1. Timberland You find th...
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Why Single Screen Theatres Are Better Than Multiplexes

Till fifteen or sixteen years back, multiplexes had not made their presence felt in the country and people use to frequent to single-screen theatres to watch films. Soon, multiplexes started opening in big cities and now, they can be found in tier 2 and tier 3 cities as well. While single screens can be still found in small towns and a few cities, most of them are finding it tough to compete with posh multiplexes which have become the preferred destination for the youth and the families. St...
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