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जयपुर में सिटी पैलेस के बारे में महत्वपूर्ण तथ्य Important fact about city palace in jaipur

About City Palace – सिटी पैलेस के बारे में सिटी पैलेस, जयपुर का निर्माण 1729-1732 के बीच जयपुर में किया गया था क्योंकि यह विरासत और समृद्ध संस्कृति की तस्वीर पेश करता है सिटी पैलेस जयपुर शहर के महत्वपूर्ण स्था...
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The Akshaya Patra Foundation commonly known as Akshaya Patra is a non-profit organisation in India that runs school lunch programme across India. The organisation was established in 2000.Located on the outskirts of Vrindavan and spread in a vast area near to the ISKCON temple, the Radha Vrindavan Chandra Mandir is dedicated to Lord Radha Krishna. The temple is also called by the name Akshaya Patra temple, due to the fact that here is established a huge kitchen with large machines and huge contai...
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The first planned city of India, Jaipur, achieved great fame not only because of fortified walls and monuments but also the landscape is titled with numerous recognized temples. Chhoti Kashi is also an alternate name give to pink city because of the diverse temples and religious places. One such temple is Khole Ke Hanuman Ji. The disciple of Lord Rama, a Hindu deity, a symbol of physical strength, perseverance and devotion. I guess no more explanation is required for Lord Hanuman. Khole Ke Ha...
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Akshardham temple is very big and beautiful. It is the masterpiece of architectural art. It contains beautiful gardens and fountains. One must go there.The Akshardham Temple in Jaipur is a popular stop on the tourist route in Jaipur. It is dedicated to the Hindu God Narayan. The temple is known primarily for its beautiful idols, carvings on the walls and the sheer grandeur of the exteriors of the temple. The temple is surrounded by lush green gardens which provide a lovely view of the area ar...
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शीला देवी के बारे में तथ्य Facts About Sheela Devi in Hindi

About Sheela devi The Shila Devi Temple is situated at Amber Fort of Pink City Jaipur. Maharaja (Ruler) Man Singh was a devotee of goddess Kali and invoked her grace both in peace and during war. According to legend, this image was brought by Maharaja Man Singh from eastern part of Bengal in the last quarter of 16th century A.D. While in an encounter with the ruler Kedar (a ruler in the empire of King Pratapaditya), Maharaja Man Singh did not get success for the 1st time and so, he prayed for t...
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इंडिया गेट के बारे में महत्वपूर्ण तथ्य Important facts about India Gate

इंडिया गेट के बारे में - About India Gate इंडिया गेट नई दिल्ली के केंद्र में स्थित है, जो भारत की राजधानी है। यह 1921 में एडविन लुटियंस द्वारा बनाया गया था। दिल्ली में यह ऐतिहासिक तत्कालीन ब्रिटिश भारतीय स...
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कमल का मंदिर के बारे में महत्वपूर्ण तथ्य Important facts about Lotous Temple

कमल का मंदिर के बारे में - About lotous temple लोटस टेम्पल या बहाई मंदिर, जिसे अधिक पारंपरिक तरीके से कहा जाता है, वर्ष 1986 में फारसी वास्तुकार फारिबोरज़ साहबा की देखरेख में पूजा का घर है। लोटस टेम्पल, बहाई आ...
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फतह सागर के बारे में महत्वपूर्ण जानकारी Important Information About Fatah Sagar

फतह सागर के बारे में - About Fatah Sagar फतेह सागर झील उदयपुर की दूसरी कृत्रिम झील है, पहली जयसमंद झील है। यह मूल रूप से महाराणा जय सिंह द्वारा वर्ष 1678 ईस्वी में बनाया गया था, लेकिन बाद में महाराणा फतेह सिंह...
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