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Naval is a wonderful gift of nature – नाभी कुदरत की एक अद्भुत देन है

नाभी कुदरत की एक अद्भुत देन है आज हम बात करेगे अपने शरीर के बहुत ही सेंसिटिव अंग की. जिसके अलग-अलग नाम है कोई नाभि कहता है, कोई सुंडी, कोई belly button तो कोई navel. एक 62 वर्ष के बुजुर्ग को अचानक बांई आँख से कम...
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Things we Need To Remind our self When we Are unhappy

While depression was something a lot of people dealt with back in the day, in the recent times people are finally gathering the courage to talk about it. The reason why people, suffering from it, are mostly afraid to speak about it is because of the taboo partner with it. There is nothing strange about going through a certain medical solution and seeking analysis for it. You should fight with it and not let worry bog you down. 1. You are not alone You have family, friends, neighbours,...
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About HIV AIDS in hindi AIDS Symptoms Facts Unknown Things

About HIV/AIDS in Hindi: AIDS आधुनिक युग का एक बहुत ही गंभीर और जानलेवा रोग है। AIDS का Full Form है Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome यानि ऐसी बीमारी जो रोग-प्रतिकार शक्ति कम कर लक्षण देता है। इस रोग में व्यक्ति अपनी प्राकृतिक रोग-प्रतिकार...
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wonderful uses of banana for skin

it is an power booster. They are NOT just tasty, but they’ve many advantage. I would say, that they’re intensely beneficial. To mention a few benefits, banana’s better bone and heart health. Plus they reduce stress and treat problems like diarrhea and eye problem. Below I’ve mentioned how you can use banana peel rather of throwing it away. I’m sure that they’ll convince you to NOT throw the peels. 1. WHITEN TEETH Yes, you can use it to whiten your teeth. All you need to do is, ...
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Advantage of Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera is known for its calming and freeze properties. But Aloe vere has more more than these kind in its kitty. Aloe Vera is a miracle plant which helps in giving you all-round beauty from head to toe. Aloe vera gel can be attain right from the plant. These days the market is choc- a- bloc with several aloe Vera gels. You can clearly go for one of them. 1. You can treat the expansion of your eyes through Aloe Vera gel. You need to just take some aloe vera gel in your finger and apply it a...
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Daily Eat Foods For strong Eyesight

Foods For Healthy Eyesight – 1. If you have no allergy to the taste of eggs, gorge on them! The zinc, zeaxanthin, lutein and vitamin A in them, will enhance night vision and keep your retina and cornea strong. 2. Similarly, oil-rich fish from the wild, such as salmon, tuna, etc, are rich in healthy Omega-3 fatty acids. A couple of servings each week will keep away age-related issues, dry eyes and retina-related dispute. 3. You should establish a taste for fat-free dairy products like ...
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5 Home treatment For Those Smelly Feet As They Can shame You

Our feet have diverse sweat glands and they lead to a lot of dripping in the feet. Generally, wearing soak and shoe to our feet makes it moist due to a very poor flow of wind into the shoes. As a result of which the fungus and bacteria can breed well in the prevailing situation and goods stinky odors. You might get shamed when in large collection when your feet start to stink. And it is very everyday that many think this condition is due to the season’s effect, but that is totally not...
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Yoga Asanas For Students That Will Help You Perform Well In Exams

This is a familiar refrain with every student! Turn to yoga, therefore, for help. Here are a few samples, which must be performed on an empty stomach. Yoga asanas for students – Bhramari Pranayama 1.It will calm and DE-stress your anxious mind, will increase concentration! 2. Sit down cross-legged on the floor mat, keeping neck and spine erect. 3. Place each index finger on the small cartilage that lies between your ear and cheek. Inhale deeply. 4. As you exhale, press the car...
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