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Amazing and interesting facts about makar sakranti

Makar Sankranti is all about organization on terraces, cutting your rivals manjhas and taking the sport of kite flying to the Olympic levels. Makar Sankranti, the harvest festival, which is acclaimed virtually all parts of India, Bangladesh and Nepal, has its own antiquity.. But before we go on the culture of flying kites and eating Tilguls (Sesame seed laadoos), think again as for how well do you really know this festival. 1. 1. Makar Sankranti is the only feast in India that follows the sol...
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Amazing and interesting Facts About Filmfare Awards

Filmfare is the begin award ceremony of India that has come a long way in its course to compliment qualified actors, producers, singers, composers, lyricists et AL. It is the Indian counterpart of Oscars and specialist from the film fraternity vie for this award every year. The most awaited night in Bollywood is confuse with glamour, fashion, opulence and everything idyllic giving a treat to the eyes. The black lady is something every star privately covets but making it to the choice too is a...
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Some amazing and interesting Facts about Mithali Raj

1. She's an avid reader. Before walking out to bat across England, she read a book by Jalaluddin Rumi on life condition. 2. Mithali Raj is only the second cricketer in women crickets history to cross 5,000 ODI runs. 3. Mithali, who made her calculated debut at the age of 16 years and 250 days, is the youngest feminine cricketer to score a ODI hundred. 4. Mithali was very as a child. In an interview, she herself admit that when she was a kid, cricket was nowhere on her to do this. ...
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amazing and interesting Facts About Christmas

Christmas Day is acclaimed by millions of Christians around the world, usually on December 25th. It is also a famous holiday celebrated by non-Christians. Christmas Day is an annual celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. Although the exact date of Jesus' birth is unknown it is estimated to have been between 7 and 2 B.C. The date of December 25th was chosen in the 4th century. The famous customs of celebrating Christmas include gift-giving, sending holiday cards, Christmas trees and lights, ca...
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Facts about stars in hindi

आपने कभी न कभी तो रात में बाहर निकलकर तारों (stars) की खूबसूरती को निहारा ही होगा, मेने तो बेशक किया है लेकिन अब तो प्रदुषण के कारण शहर से अच्छे से नही दिखाई देते है खूबसूरती के लिए तो आप को गाँव में ज...
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Most mysterious Science Facts That Are Hard To Digest

Science is always super cool. But do you know that there many interesting things that happen on the earth and even after death of a human being. Yes, there are many interesting scientific facts which are hard to digest, but all of them are facts. mysterious Science Facts- 1 – Animals raining from the sky: Yes, this is mysterious, but a fact and is also a very common climatic phenomenon. In the past, it was seen in many community, that fishes and frogs rain from the sky. The next place go...
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Amazing facts about smile in hindi – मुस्कान से जुड़े रोचक तथ्य

smile in hindi Smile ajab gajab Facts: हंसी उलास का नाम आते ही सबसे पहले हमारे मन में खुसी की बात आती है जब हम छोटे थे तो पूरा दिन ही हंसी-मजाक में गुजर जाता था फिर हम जेसे जेसे बड़े होने लगे हमारी जिमेदारिया बड़ने लगी higher...
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35 Amazing facts in hindi – रोचक तथ्य हिंदी

कभी कभी हमारे आस पास बहुत सी अजीब अजीब घटनाये होती है जो लगती तो संन्य है लेकिन होती नही है उनके पीछे बहुत से कर्ण होते है जैसे सोना हम हर एक रात को सोते हैं, लेकिन “क्या आप जानते हैं” कि रात का 3:00 ...
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