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Banjhakri Falls and Energy Park is a beautiful tourist attractionBanjhakri Falls and Energy Park is a beautiful tourist attraction

The Banjhakri Falls and Energy Park is a enjoyment centre and visitor attraction near Gangtok, in the state of Sikkim, India. The park's statuary and other shows document the Ban Jhakri, or classical shamanic healer who prayer spirits living in caves around the falls. Ban means "forest", and jhākri means "healer". Ban Jhakri Falls is about 10-12 kilometers from Gangtok on the way to Ranka. Ban Jhakri Falls is a new ride destination for tourists, its aggregate spreads on 2 two acres of land. ...
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Do you know Bill Gates Does Not have An iPhone ?Do you know Bill Gates Does Not have An iPhone ?

Bill Gates for being the well-healthy man in the world, Bill Gates holds the second post in the list. Windows phone has almost been dead for a while now and hence Microsoft creater, tech giant Bill Gates have decided to move on! Generally owning an iPhone is quite famous in recent days which speaks the standard and status of the person in a society. With iPhone X recently begun in the market, iPhone has recently establish a lot of buzz for being one among the most costly mobiles in the market...
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5 Home treatment For Those Smelly Feet As They Can shame You5 Home treatment For Those Smelly Feet As They Can shame You

Our feet have diverse sweat glands and they lead to a lot of dripping in the feet. Generally, wearing soak and shoe to our feet makes it moist due to a very poor flow of wind into the shoes. As a result of which the fungus and bacteria can breed well in the prevailing situation and goods stinky odors. You might get shamed when in large collection when your feet start to stink. And it is very everyday that many think this condition is due to the season’s effect, but that is totally not...
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Interesting Facts of Independence DayInteresting Facts of Independence Day

India has a long history to tell about itself since independent till now. On the occasion of India's 70th Independence Day, here are some interesting and unknown facts related to India and independence. Independence Day means a lot for India and its citizens. It is a most significant of India celebrated every year since India got independence from Britishers. People in India celebrate it with lots of preparations and courage. India is a country of “Unity in Diversity” where people from diffe...
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Money can really  buy you happiness ?Money can really buy you happiness ?

New research suggests spending money really can make us happier, as long as we're spending it on making more free time for ourselves – by employing a cleaner or paying to get the car washed, for instance. Perhaps it's a sign of our increasingly hectic lives, but the study found that buying time with our money gives us a better sense of well-being than buying yet more material stuff. There's just one problem though: An overwhelming number of Americans currently live paycheck to paycheck, ...
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GIFT Your Brother On Raksha Bandhan And Make His Day very SpecialGIFT Your Brother On Raksha Bandhan And Make His Day very Special

Raksha bandhan is an auspicious occasion that celebrates the special bond between a brother and a sister. some unique rakhi gift ideas for your brother that he would instantly bring a smile to his face. As sisters are busy with their Rakhi shopping for their brothers and planning for Raksha bandhan gifts, even brothers are wondering about what gift to choose. And there is no doubt about how difficult it can be!  Wallet You know how some guys are, right? They’ll either save money or they...
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Chaturbhuj Temple at Orchha in madhaya pradeshChaturbhuj Temple at Orchha in madhaya pradesh

Chaturbhuj Temple in Orchha is one of the most fabulous and ancient architectural marvels of the time in the town. It was built by king Madhukar in between the years 1558 and 1573. The temple houses an idol of Lord Vishnu with four arms but was originally meant for Lord Rama’s idol. Legends say that when Lord Rama’s idol which is placed at the Rani Niwas, the private residence of Raja Madhukar’s wife- Maharani Gansh Kunwar, rejected to move to the temple, an idol of Lord Vishnu with fou...
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India’s Most vampiric Writers’ Building in KolkataIndia’s Most vampiric Writers’ Building in Kolkata

The construction of Writers building began as early as in 1690. It got its name owing to the fact that it served as the dwelling place for the junior writers of the East India Company. The original Writers Building of Kolkata, India did not have any architectural beauty. It was on the same site that another Writers' Building was created later on. This Gothic structure came into existence during the tenure of Lt. Governor Ashley Eden (1877). The present Calcutta Writers' Building is located at...
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