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Master’s Degree Helps Your Career Which You Didn’t Realize

If you really have that much passion for any subject that you are studying, then acquiring a master’s degree does not sound much of a big deal. Advantages of acquiring a master’s degree are that you are now ready to go for further higher studies or also go for high-end jobs. Without much ado, let’s […]

10 Work Place Rules Which Are Unspoken And No One Ever Tells You

Be punctual This cannot be stressed enough. The best way to create an impression is to be on time at your workplace. If possible, try to reach your office early. In case of an emergency, call and inform authorities without fail! 2 – Maintain deadlines Don’t procrastinate. Your work needs to be done in a […]

You Should Not Include These Things In Your CV

Things that you should not include in your CV – For a job seeker, CV may be the most important thing and it should be. It should be truly imperative for you to take the matter of your CV as seriously as possible. Senseless Objective There is no need to add a long fledged idea […]

tips for Those Students Who Don’t Want To Study After 12th

Tips for those who do not want to study after 12th – There’s that sensation once more, that consuming feeling, the sentiment being frail, you need to ponder however can’t think straight, you feel overpowered and it doesn’t appear that you’ll wait for any longer. In the event that you don’t figure out how to […]

Why REJECTION Is Actually A Good Thing To Experience In LIFE

No doubt, we all hate rejection. But rejection in life can actually turn out to be a really good thing. Yes, I’m not kidding at-all. rejection is also a part of LIFE. No matter what; you will always keep experiencing rejection in life in every walk of your life. But hey, that doesn’t mean that […]

absurd things still taught in schools

I believe schools have more than required onus of making or breaking our lives. To explain you in the swiftest way possible here is the proof. Getting good grades will land you good jobs Complete crap! Most of my friends who earn more than me either are less educated or have lower grades. Please note […]

beliefs that give you stage fear

There are two types of people in the world: those who love speaking in public and those who are scared stiff at the thought of it. Performance anxiety and stage fright are perfectly normal phenomena that occur to many people. It is important for you to understand what stage fright is, so that you can […]

life isn’t just about getting a degree

What are the lessons you learnt as a teacher? The first thing is that you should make children love you first, and then they will love your subject. If you’re not smiling, if you’re extremely punishing, or if you never bring confidence in them, then they won’t like your subject as well. Secondly, you need […]
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