Banjhakri Falls and Energy Park is a beautiful tourist attraction

The Banjhakri Falls and Energy Park is a enjoyment centre and visitor attraction near Gangtok, in the state of Sikkim, India. The park’s statuary and other shows document the Ban Jhakri, or classical shamanic healer who prayer spirits living in caves around the falls. Ban means “forest”, and jhākri means “healer”.

Ban Jhakri Falls is about 10-12 kilometers from Gangtok on the way to Ranka. Ban Jhakri Falls is a new ride destination for tourists, its aggregate spreads on 2 two acres of land. The main attraction of the park is the waterfalls which cascades from a rocky height of almost 40 feet and plunges down with intense force. Around the waterfalls gardens have been attractively harvest and the place is further adorned with several statues of Ban Jhakri, Lyam Lymay, Mangpas and Lepcha ancestors. Other recreational action and refreshment stalls are also placed at the entrance of the park. Entrance fee is collect for all inspector.

Ban directly means forest or jungle, and Jhakri means classical healer. A Ban Jhakri is a fanciful man, who exists only in folktales within the Nepali Community in Sikkim. Local people believe that Ban Jhakri dwells in the forest and live in rock caves worshiping sprits. The ethnic nation of Sikkim still trust in such mysteries as it is part of their tradition and culture.

All along the park you will witness ethnic sculptures and figurines depicting jhakri culture. The figurines in the park illustrates custom, some healing function and others the introduction process in the life of a shaman. Other competitive activities and refreshment stalls are also placed at the doorway of the park. Entrance fee is levied for all visitors.

This park is also known as the Energy Park because of its use of non ordinary energy like solar. There are slides and swings in the park that develop power when used by the children. Another great thing that I liked about the park is a great observe platform right in the middle of the jungle. A short spiral stairway leads up to the platform. On top there is a bench where you can sit and just gaze at the awesome jungle ambience all around and hear the birds twitting.

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