Apostle Islands National Lakeshore in the northern Wisconsin

Apostle Islands are a group of islands almost 21 of them, situated in the Lake Superior, off Bayfield Peninsula in the northern Wisconsin in the United States. There are islands named Raspberry, Otter, Devil’s Island, and Oak Island etc. There are boat cruises available for the ride.

These Apostle Island cruises are offering a unique experience to the tourists visiting this area. There are several options for this three and half hour cruise, there are a number of boat options and the latest craze in them is the glass bottom boat. These tours are open between Mid-May to Mid-October.

Apostle Islands National Lakeshore has more lighthouses than any other National Park Service area with 8 historic towers on 6 islands. Visitors can hike, paddle, sail, or cruise to experience these Jewels of Lake Superior. Camping is available on 19 of the Lakeshore’s 21 islands and at one campsite on the mainland. The park offers hiking opportunities on the mainland, as well as many of the islands.

The Mainland Lakeshore Trail extends 4.5 miles, from the Meyers Beach area, past the cliffs above the mainland sea caves. Hikers can enjoy more than fifty miles of maintained trails on 12 islands of the National Lakeshore.  The Bayfield Visitor Center is a good place to begin your National Lakeshore visit, whether by car, afoot, or by private boat. At the visitor center you can view audiovisual programs and study exhibits about the park’s history, natural history, and recreation opportunities.

These boats are coast guard approved boats that take the visitors for the 3 and ½ hour ride. They take the tourists through a stunning experience with the beaches, natural scenery. The places of special interest are the historic lighthouse, caves formation in the sea, rock formations along with the underwater mysteries such as the sunken ships and marine wildlife. The Ashland Bayfield Express provides convenient shuttle services to several islands also for all those who wish to explore and experience the wilderness individually. There are several places that can be enjoyed.

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