5 Mouthwatering Mutton Dishes for Bakra Eid

You just cannot separate foods with festivals. If Christmas has its cake, then Diwali has the laddus and just like that, Eid Al-Adha is co-related with a delicious mutton dish. As per the tradition, the Male Bakra Qurbani takes place in the morning after the prayer. End of the day grand feast with friends and family takes place.

This is the day to share the happiness with everyone around. And sharing the platter is the most ambiguous and generous thing. People invite all of their loving friends to take part in the dinner. While biriyani dominates the dinner table most of the time, there are many side dishes made of mutton.
The secret of arranging the sumptuous menu for everyone starts when you Purchase Goat Online. Make sure that the goat is meaty enough so that you will get the juicy mutton.

Here are five excellent mutton dishes that can be the star of the evening.

Roghan Josh:

Rogan Josh is a special dish of Kashmir. The juicy mutton soaked in red curry is a sight to behold. The aroma of the dish is the prime attraction of it. The mutton pieces are cooked in gravy with the help of ginger, garlic, cloves, bay leaves, cardamom, and cinnamon along with onion and yogurt. As per the original recipe, it is made by a dampokhtak or slow cooking technique. It has a distinct color that comes from the dried roots of Alkanna tinctoria and dried red chilies.

Namkeen Gosht:

This salted preparation of meat is a very famous dish. The beauty of this preparation is that it needs a very little amount of ingredients. Don’t prepare this dish from mutton from the market and instead Purchase Goat Online to have special cut applicable for this dish. It has a very special way to put everything together to make the dish properly. You just need green chilies, ginger, and garlic apart from the meat that will be cook in its own juice.

Raan Roast:

Raan is the most yammilicious part of the whole mutton and this recipe is super simple as well. This is also known as masala raan as well as it needs to be marinated with different types of spices for 24 hours. It takes almost three hours to roast the raan to make the meat juicy and tender.

Sahi Qorma:

This is a delicious cuisine where you will have some exquisite combination of cashew, raisins, and cream along with all the spices. It is indeed a spicy recipe that includes cinnamon, garam masala, turmeric, coriander, pepper flakes, black peppercorn, cumin, fenugreek seeds. Along with all the spices, you need to add honey and mutton broth to make the sauce. The mutton will become tender when it will soak in this sauce after sautéing in onion, ginger, garlic, and tomato puree.


Though this is quite a common item for the Bakra Eid menu, we are making the addition for the first-timers as well. You will need different types of lentils along with mutton. It is a one-pot meal that is loved by everyone.

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